The end is near

End of the world

End of the world (Photo credit: NathanaelB)

The doomsday is near (?) but, sincerely, my year it’s over.

2012 (the year of the Dragon) it’s – until now – the most dreadful year in my entire life: banking debts (and no money to pay it), a lot of discussions, no steady job, living with my family yet (for my shame), the pressure of my enviroment (a lot of acquaintances that looking me like a wanderer or a dandy living the dolce-vita), and a disappointing TOEIC score (after a lot of effort and hours of studying, 20 point of upgrading it’s NOTHING).

The deaths of El “Flaco” Spinetta, el “Sapito” Livingstone, Ray Bradbury, Leonardo Fabio, Hernán Camacho and the Antiochian Patriarch Ignatius IV, confirm this fact.

In summary: Fuck off 2012!

REM – “It’s the End of the World



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