Paying the debts

Proper Driver's Licence

Proper Driver’s Licence (Photo credit: Noeluap)

One of the really important issues in the life it’s “pay the debts”, whatever: debts with the treasury (you know, daddy State never forgive), debts with the financial system (evilest than the treasury), debts with your environment (It’s interesting that The Church makes synonims “trespasses”, “debts” and “sins”) ; but the most important of all, it’s the debts with oneself: Carry out your dreams and wishes or iron out the lack of “popular skills”: sing good (in tune), dance (specially tropical and caribbean rhythms), swim, etc.

The last week i paid a big debt with myself: Get the driver license.

Mission accomplished.

I didn’t get the car driver license before because i was thinking “If i don’t have a car, don’t need a driver license”… asshole!! I was a complete asshole!!! i had to reject until now a lot of work offers specially outside Santiago because officially “didn’t know to drive a car”

Driving it’s important (specially for the self-esteem), it’s the same logical thought about fights “One stuff it’s you don’t like fighting and another so different it’s you don’t know how to defend yourself”.

Be happy, follow your dreams and wishes
Your life it’s so valuable for having free traumas and unfinished tasks.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. — Aristotle

Muse – “Survival



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