Requiem for a friend


FUCK (Photo credit: Jone Samsa)

Yesterday was my birthday (and the Independence Day of USA 😛 ), Now i’m 33-years-old, the same age of the martyrdom of Our Lord. A church friend told me yesterday: “Equally like Jesus Christ, be careful with the betrayer“. And the betrayer was my ‘best friend’.

The day have 24 hours, if you subtract in average 8 hours for sleep; 2 hours for eat (breakfast, lunch and dinner); 10 hours for work (8 legal daily working hour plus 2 overtime), 2 hours to move between your workplace and your flat; 1 hour in the bathroom (crapping, pissing, showering, washing your teeth),etc. In any case you have – in average –  one free hour a day. Therefore it’s not credible that your ‘fella say’ “I’m busy, I don’t have a time to call you, sorry” What the fuck! Bullshit! Nobody, absolutely nobody it’s so busy for spend a fucking minute to calling to his fellow brother and say it “Happy birthday Dude!“, “for many years!” or “Congrats guy for your birthday!“.

This attitude made my birthday a little bitter tasting.

Fuck you off! and fuck your ‘bohemian pose’ like a third-world playboy and your fucking spiritual speech like a prophet of the New Age, wannabe christian-buddhist (!?).

You use your friends for convenience, only when are useful for you, i’m not a towelette for hear you moan every time has a drama. Don’t need a friend, needs a satellites spinning around you.

To sum up, you’ll stay alone, only with your pride, your egomania, and your fucking new-age spirituality and when you call me whining a lot about something, I will tell you “I’m busy, I don’t have a time to receive your call, i’m so sorry“.

Your new roads aren’t mine, i’m sorry.

Stratovarius – “The Kiss of Judas



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