Latin America it’s a southern town of U.S.A

Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For tourist, curious people
it’s a exotic place to visit
it’s only a trade place
but inappropriate for living
they offer Latin America,
the Carinval of Río and the Aztec ruins
dirty people wandering in the streets
ready to sell themselves for some U.S.A dollars

Nobody in the rest of the world takes seriously
to this enormous town full of sadness
they smile when looking twenty-odd little flags
each one more proudly of your sovereignty
what the fuck! divide it’s debilitate

The powers are the protectors
that test their guns in ours guerrilla
either red ones or striped ones, at the final hour don’t have differences
they invite to our leaders to sell your souls to the green devil
invent nice acronyms to feel
a little bit more important.

And the innocent people of Latin America
cry if die Ronald Reagan or the Queen
and follow, step by step, the life to Caroline
as if these people suffers from underdevelopment
We are in a hole! It’s seems that actually…

Latin America it’s a southern town of U.S.A

To feel them in family
we copy your neighborhood and your lifestyle
we try to talk in the jet-set language
so they don’t us consider uncivilized
when we visit your cities
we label us and treat us like a offenders
russian people, english people, gringos, french people
they laugh of our novelistic directors

We are a village so likeable
that everyone help us if it is to make a war
but this amount of gold could give
to find the definitive solution to starve
Latin America is adult
must learn to choice

Latin America it’s a southern town of U.S.A

Los Prisioneros – “Latino América es un pueblo al sur de Estados Unidos”



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