The redemption of the Piano

As far as I’m considered, the piano (and the keyboard) it’s absolutely unseparable of any good rock band. Maybe because  my favourite rock bands are Queen, Nightwish, Journey and all of them use piano in their songs.

The mother of my father (still it’s hard for me tell her “grandma”) was a acceptable pianist. When I was a child (and after the decease of my dad) she tried teach me to play piano. Unfortunatelly i can’t follow the lesson because the relationship between ‘she’ and i was fading down until completely disappear.

In the last room of the second floor of my parish has a old and off-key upright piano “Gebr. Perzina Hof-pianofortefabriken Schwerin 1871” and the logo of this piano maker it’s the shield of arms of the Great Duchy of Mecklenburg… OMG!!! My last name!!! random? I don’t think so. Jodorowsky – the master of Psychomagic – says “Coincidence doesn’t exist“. Seem that this mistreated piano says me “We make peace, Ok fella? It’s not my fault your trauma with your grandmother, i’m just a fuck!ng piano not the target of your umbrage “

Slowly starts my reconciliation with the most bourgeois of all the music instruments.

Elton John – “Funeral for a friend / Love Lies Bleeding


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