Photo courtesy of The Telegraph

Sometimes i have the impression that Austrians – specifically the viennese – are germans frenchified or french germanized (?). These people are more glamorous than the germans and the swiss. The passion for the protocol, the reading, the pastries (obviously with a good cup of coffee), the classical music (this is the homeland of Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Strauss and the Vienna Boys Choir), etc.

In all the austrian culture reminds a glorious and majestic past; the Austro-Hungarian Empire (and i think that these name is erroneous, the historians should call it “The Danube Empire”). Nowadays, Austria is a very small country and always in a love-hate relationship with Germany.

Austria is to Germany like Uruguay is to Argentina.

Personally, the austrians (specially the girls 😛 ) sympathize me very much because i hate the stereotype of the german “standard”: The blonde bavarian couple with overweight (like Hänsel and Gretel) with alpine costumes (so rustics), workaholics and so on. Instead, the austrians break that stereotype, are urban, intellectuals, welcoming, lazy (in comparison with the germans and swiss), sybarites and sophisticates.

I want to trip to Wien (Vienna) Falco – “Vienna Calling



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