Chilean, great grandson of a german-russian inmigrant.

Christian orthodox (struggling in a Roman-Catholic country), low-budget hipster (?), amateur photographer, Club Universidad de Chile supporter, singer, Marist alumnus, blogger, yellow-belt degree Hapkido practitioner, acolyte, cartoonist, prosphora baker, urban cyclist, cosmopolitan, addict to yerba mate, and barrister in my free time (?)

For Now, I live in Santiago de Chile.

If i’m Chilean. Why i write in English? 

It’s too easy for me writing in my native spanish but i think that isn’t a good idea if i want to improve the active skills on a foreign language. You can listen and read English 24/7 but if you cannot write and talk en English your task aren’t complete.

That’s the reason why i write in English, because it’s a mind challenge (although sometimes i want to express me in my native language).